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    Our company focused on the CO2 foaming technology of XPS production line since 2007. And the first XPS production line with CO2 foaming was successfully developed in 2009 and exported to Turkey.

Since 2012, our company (HANSU MACHINERY) been the highly recommended supplier of the international HCFC phaseout program of UN Montreal protocol. 
    Since our company established, we have supplied over 20 units of XPS production line with CO2 foaming to domestic and overseas and supplied the whole technical support for our customers. We have gathered a rich experience of the technical processing of the CO2 foaming production line.
   In order to provide more improvement of the equipment and show our production line and offer comprehensive solutions for the users, the brother company of Shanghai Hansu Platic Machinery Co.,Ltd, Changzhou Hansu Energy Saving Materials Co.,Ltd. for XPS product is established at the beginning of 2016.


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